IBM Cognos 8 BI: Official Guide~Ch15.Building the Model with Framework Manager


▪ outline format
▪ numerous pictures


▪ tired metaphors
▪ lack of detail on finer points (see below)

Best tip/note:

15.6.3. Creating Stored Procedure Query Subjects

Stored procedures that return scalar values cannot be used as a Cognos 8 query subject. And while you can pass parameter values into a stored procedure, return parameters from a stored procedure are not supported. You can, however, use this definition process to have a stored procedure act as a user-defined function that can be made accessible when creating a calculation, which will be mentioned briefly in the section "Turning a Stored Procedure Query Subject into a Function," later in the chapter.

So you _can't_ report back a sp scalar(single value return) as a query subject ~ but _can_ use in a formula.

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