Using PowerWindow table properties vs refresh...

I find using 'table properties' a better option for refreshing tables in the power window. Some of the tables are quite large -- and, some of our models have a lot of tables. Using table properties allows me to see _when_ a table was last updated; and, then, if choose to, I can _save_ to refresh the table. I'm investigating a way to capture this window information to add as a .csv imported table.

Talking Clipboard (for Android)

This is an ok tool. If you've some long text to get through - copy to the clipboard and it can read it back to you. I find this helpful. The program has a few quirks: it doesn't appear in your list of running apps - and there's no direct way to stop it (short of rebooting your device). However, even so it's handy you can give it a webpage to read back to you or it monitors the clipboard and can read what you copy to it.

Safari books online - download if you prefer

You can download material in epub and have it readable in your FireFox or SeaMonkey web browser. I much prefer this. I notice too, that my Android will bring up the epub in my favorite book reader -- moonreader.

Highlights from : From Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners/Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips / Ilan Goldstein...

Sometimes, I like reading from the end of the story('a snark was a boojum you see'). This book appears to have come from introspection after having finished many a game. Start anywhere. It's a non-sequential smorgasbord - worth your time. It will help from making false starts/mis-fires into scrum.

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What they say on goodreads

Shortcut 2: Fragile Agile /

Possibly one of the most frustrating comments that I hear when speaking to novice software teams is, “We do Scrum—we work in sprints, we have a daily scrum, and we even have a product backlog.” In addition, although they may not explicitly say it, you can often add, “We don’t write any documentation, we release haphazardly, we plan on the fly, and we don’t care about buggy code because we’ll just fix it up with a bug iteration.” ARGH! These people give Scrum a terrible name, and worse still, when their projects inevitably fail, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to win back the senior stakeholders who have been burnt by a badly warped Scrum implementation.

Chapter 1. Scrum Startup Shortcut 1: Scrum on the Pitch Shortcut 2: Fragile Agile Shortcut 3: Creative Comfort Wrap Up Chapter 2. Attitudes and Abilities Shortcut 4: Masterful ScrumMaster Shortcut 5: Rock Stars or Studio Musicians? Shortcut 6: Picking Your Team Line-Up Wrap Up Chapter 3. Planning and Protecting Shortcut 7: Setting the Scrum Stage Shortcut 8: Plan the Sprint, Sprint the Plan Shortcut 9: Incriminating Impediments Wrap Up Chapter 4. Requirement Refinement Shortcut 10: Structuring Stories Shortcut 11: Developing the Definition of Done Shortcut 12: Progressive Revelations Wrap Up Chapter 5. Establishing Estimates Shortcut 13: Relating to Estimating Shortcut 14: Planning Poker at Pace Shortcut 15: Transitioning Relatively Wrap Up Chapter 6. Questioning Quality Shortcut 16: Bah! Scrum Bug! Shortcut 17: We Still Love the Testers! Shortcut 18: Automation Nation Wrap Up Chapter 7. Monitoring and Metrics Shortcut 19: Metrics That Matter Shortcut 20: Outstanding Stand-Ups Shortcut 21: Taming the Task Board Wrap Up Chapter 8. Retros, Reviews, and Risks Shortcut 22: To-Dos for Your Sprint Reviews Shortcut 23: Retrospective Irrespective Shortcut 24: Risk Takers and Mistake Makers Wrap Up Chapter 9. Managing the Managers Shortcut 25: Perception Is Reality Shortcut 26: Our Lords and Masters Shortcut 27: Morphing Managers in the Matrix Wrap Up Chapter 10. Larger Lessons Shortcut 28: Scrum Rollout Reckoning Shortcut 29: Eyes on the Prize Shortcut 30: Shortcut to the Final Level Final Wrap Up References

How to get to 'Advanced' tab in power pivot window:

When in PowerPivot window - click on the icon left/top under titlebar-- there should be a drop down that allows you to switch to the 'advanced mode' view tab.  I find this most useful for the managing 'perspectives'. I create two perspectives 'CORE' for tables that require regular updates and 'LKUP' for those tables that remain mostly static over time.  I then use AutoIt scripts to refresh the 'CORE' tables.

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