WebFocus AutoPrompt sometimes hides scroll results in IE


There is an issue in IE ~ webfocus auto prompt facility: 
when report results are wider than horizontal~ 
vertical area of “body” view area -- the results 
IFrame scroll bars are overlaid ~ hidden
example below).


Comment out “body” related css on the webserver
for file:

EXAMPLE before ~ after fix


Example of Fix

How To use IE to dynamically change ~ test CSS:

To dynamically access the CSS stylesheets in a page go 'Tools/Developer Tools' - then go to the 'CSS tab'.

The facility:

-Identifies which style sheets are in effect.

-Allows toggle of a particular rule on / off to  see results real time.

WebFocus ~ Quicklinks ~ Object Explorer "undock"

If you want more real estate for your DevStudio -- Quicklinks and Object Explorer (in Report Painter) can undock from DevStudio.

WebFocus ~ preformat CSV output

For data whose appearance~use should be fixed as alphanumeric (vs. default interpretation as numeric) -- you can preformat it via an Excel function.  Use the T(value) or TEXT(value,format)...and a WebFocus DEFINE.

WebFocus ~ Use Message Viewer

In DevStudio -- there's a little drop-down next to the run command on the toolbar.  If you click it and check 'Message Viewer ON' -- you'll get a dual pane output in your browser.  Top pane is your results -- bottom pane are any dialogue manager ~ other messages.

Thinner TTS...

I hop around so many apps -- I thought I'd better come up with a better way to do TTS(at least for me).

I created an applet that I can access from my system tray -- whatever text may be highlighted in another app --if  I right-click this from system tray and 'play' the text is read back via SAPI.

If you'd like to try --download and follow these instructions:

1) Download TTSAnyAppTray_SE.exe to Desktop or Documents folder:

2) Run TTSAnyAppTray_SE.exe to extract the software
    (must be done as Administrator).   This creates a folder
    called MyItzyBits under same folder as downloaded to in step 1.

3) Double click ..\MyItzyBits\TTSAnyAppTray.exe

4) Highlight some text in most any application

5) Click the '►' icon in your system tray and 'Play' from that
    context menu.

TTSAnyAppTray.exe has additional options:
ReadBrackets ~ check to read numeric footnote, e.g., [1] - default behavior is to not read these type items.
ReadParens ~ check to read numerics found inside parens, e.g., Robert Louis Stevenson(1850-1898) default behavior is to not read these type items.
Phonetics ~ click to open a window which stores ~ saves a list of phonetics "swaps", for example "WAR I=WAR ONE, etc.

ProcessQuit.exe, TTSAnyAppTray.exe, TTSAnyApp.exe

Creative Commons License
TTSAnyAppTray by Michael T. Bee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at http://michaeltbeeitprof.blogspot.com.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at mailto:michael.t.bee.itprof@gmail.com.

Of course, a truly thinner TTS would be a Kindle.  But, on our budget that may be a while.  Meanwhile...

The phonetics are now "saveable".  Try changing "(default)"  to a specific name and then pressing OK.  If you then click the '...' -- you bring that file up and edit your own set of phonetics.  If you want to have multiple copies -- save as a different name.

Screen shot(s):

Note: If you want to download additional~updated phonetics files -- download to same directory as to which you downloaded software and extracted (step 2)

'All monitors' option in LogMeIn...

This is useful -- but, it is hard to _remember_:
1) On 'LogMeIn panel' at top - choose Options
2) Choose 'monitors'
3) Check '3. All monitors'
4) Zoom out a little -- then pin the LogMeIn
    panel at the top.

Now, both monitors are accessible by scrolling the bottom of the view window.

Hard to remember (for me) HTML Entities

………Horizontal ellipsis.
↵ ↵ ↵ Carriage return.
|Vertical bar|

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...these are some things I want to do for some applications I have spinning around in my head (or have done, say, with HTA applications)...














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