IE9 short-cuts ~ tips


ALT+Click = hyperlink opens same window

CTRL+Click = hyperlink opens new tab~window

Drag a tab off the browser into an open area of your desktop
and it separates into a new window.

IBM Cognos 8 BI: Official Guide~Ch15.Building the Model with Framework Manager


▪ outline format
▪ numerous pictures


▪ tired metaphors
▪ lack of detail on finer points (see below)

Best tip/note:

15.6.3. Creating Stored Procedure Query Subjects

Stored procedures that return scalar values cannot be used as a Cognos 8 query subject. And while you can pass parameter values into a stored procedure, return parameters from a stored procedure are not supported. You can, however, use this definition process to have a stored procedure act as a user-defined function that can be made accessible when creating a calculation, which will be mentioned briefly in the section "Turning a Stored Procedure Query Subject into a Function," later in the chapter.

So you _can't_ report back a sp scalar(single value return) as a query subject ~ but _can_ use in a formula.

Backup external hard drives…

Went looking(finally) for another PC backup alternative to Carbonite. Main objective in looking -- a service that also backs up extrnal hard drives. Been waiting for a couple of years on Carbonite to come up with an option -- figured I couldn't wait longer. I'm trying Mozy…

SQL Tidy Method #2 ~ Using the Wangz Net Page…


1) Copy SQL text & open a browser window…
2) Go to the Wangz address and configure…
3) Click 'FormatSQL' and 'Copy to Clipboard' buttons
(for non-IE browsers -- highlight/righ-click~copy
text from lower textarea)…
4) Paste over existing SQL…

Google ~ SQLTidy…

Be sure to try the Server add-in…SQL

SQL Tidy Method #1 ~ Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Query Designer


1) High-light text in Query window…
2) Open Query Designer…
3) Click anywhere in Designer…
4) Close Designer…automatically converts to ANSI'92

Google ~ SQLTidy…

Opening an ANSI '89 Query in SQL Server 2008 R2...

...automatically converts it to ANSI '92! Just select, open query designer, and close query designer...

Exploring Git

NeedED something to back up my 'applet' creation, SQL scripts, notes, etc.

Git looks like a pretty quick, predictable option. Neat features:

-single repository in your root
-branching easy
-can push~pull from other repositories
-content vs. file based ~ In my mind I think this may mean it is faster ~ smaller

Differences from SVN:

-Folders remain 'uncolorized' until you actual content(remember Git is
'content' based.

Quick startup:

-Install Git and TortoiseGit

-Make a repository with Git GUI or ToroiseGit

-Add ~ commit with TortoiseGit


Git provides 'Git Bash'(unix) and 'Git GUI' (simple point~click interface). However, my preference is TortoisGit. It hooks to Windows explorer and is pretty much _identical_ to TortoiseSVN.


Example of show-log ~ unified diff:

This video was really helpful in understanding how Git differs from other source control:

…and there is a preview of O'Reilly~Safari book:

Awaiting GooglePlus...

Read with interest the PCMagazine article describing the phenomenal growth of GooglePlus. I really wanted to try 'hangouts' -- but, when I went to sign up found that the limited trial(10M+~!) -- wasn't accepting more people.

Once again, my boat came in and I was at the airport.

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