Sorting an HTML select list...

If you're looking for a sort function for HTML -- you might try this:
function sortLst(lst,start)                                   
{ var unsorted;                                             
  var hold;                                                 
  while (unsorted==true)                                    
  { unsorted=false;                                       
    for (i=start;i<lst.length - 1;i++ )                   
    { if (lst.options[i].text>=lst.options[i+1].text)   
      { hold=lst.options[i].text;                     


Obfuscated AutoIt subject to virus?

When I attempted to obfuscate ~ compile an AutoIt script on my home computer - my McAfee virus detector went off. Don't know whether this is because the obfuscation is looked at as the virus signature or because there's actually a virus. To find out more I uninstalled (versoin dated from 7/2009) & download installed latest version of AutoIt and SciTE and tried again. Same behavior. No obfuscation until I learn more.

favicon.ico for your Google web site...

You can create a favicon.ico for your Google web sites. I made mine using my standard coffee cup image using the tool at I then uploaded to root, i.e., went to manage sites ~ attachments ~ uploaded.


Outlook notes...


Apparently, three question marks in your subject will route your emails to the junk folder : Outlook-2007

SeaMonkey - no nonsense browser

I have been so disappointed by the performance of many of the popular browsers.  SeaMonkey on the other hand continues to impress me.  It's well worth your time to download and try.

Google ~ SeaMonkey Download

My configurations:


...if you make these changes -- the personal and bookmark menu take on the image of the website your visiting -- if the icon is memorable enough I remove the text from these altogether...

Edit/Preferences/Browser Download...



Download from
Typing an account name and pressing enter adds to dropdown (sorts as it

Deleting while in account textbox removes from dropdown.

Seems I often have need of 'account' and 'pass' -- I created this app to save the typing and time.  'OK' sends information from this to the previous app.

'OK' also stores last 'account', password, top ~ left in the current user portion of registry.

If 'include' checkbox is marked -- both account and password information
are sent.

If 'onMouseOver=onClick' checkbox is marked -- mouseover is treated as mouseclick for 'OK' and tabcount toggle.

'Confirm password' must equal 'Password'...


Creative Commons License
SVN_CFG.HTA by Michael T. Bee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Opera Unite Service 'Lounge' service...

I set view/small screen then 'set top most'...
Works best with opera where you can
check 'view/small screen' (as shown here).
But will also work with newer browsers
like Chrome, Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc.
(but, interestingly, *not* IE).

SVN notes...

To migrating items from one repository to another -- do an export -- if you 'right click-drag-release folders' to new subversion folder/root you can 'export all'.

If you need to increment a svn rev no you can do something like this:

If you want to see items with icon overlays on the network - go settings/icon overlays ~ check network...

If you want to rename a file - to correct case - rename file1X.fex then svn rename again FILE1.fex...

If you're getting checksum errors rename your MyFolder folder MyFolder_BROKEN then re-checkout to new MyFolder...

Tool or Project based subversion structure?

Had debate over what form an infrastructure should take -- tool or project centric?  In most cases 'project' seems the way to go.  However, for tools that are very localized in their implementation and use -- 'tool' may be the way to go.

For instance, WebFocus is broken out toolwise by:

Report/Data Server (PDF batch based reporting)
Web Server (MRE ~ HTML based reporting)

WebFocus has ability to 're-use' components via includes and it's data access is
tied pretty tightly to meta data on the webfocus server.  In my mind -- that would
indicate for a subversion structure that is pretty reflective of the WebFocus app path.

This is what we're trying -- I'll report back on how it actually works out.

MWSnap start script...

I use MWSnap to do documentation -- this AutoIt script helps preset some of the autosnapping features:

Creative Commons License
MWSnap Start Script by Michael T. Bee is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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