Portable apps...

You can put SeaMonkey and TaskCoach on a jump drive...

They're both great apps.  And, now, portable as all get out.  I especially like TaskCoach's ease of use and time tracking....

Google Portable Apps...

Crystal XI and VARCHAR(MAX), A.K.A. "memo"

Found a suprising thing. When attempting to use a VARCHAR(MAX), a.k.a. "memo" field with the SQL Server Native driver--Crystal XI won't recognize it correctly. It want brings it in as a String(255).

Had to change the ODBC driver used back to "SQL Server", i.e., pre-2005 and it will recognize.

Toggle Input Checkboxs

This is a "how-to" I've wanted for working with HTA and other web apps.

Add a 'chkAll' input box to your form and
and onclick event which calls the routine shown. An 'all' click will toggle checkbox state of all INPUT checkboxes on the page or form. You can then set items individually...

Sub chkAll_Click
 Dim _
 laaa, _
 chkBox, _
 oTag, _
 Set chkBox = _
 For  each oTag in chkBox
  If oTag.type = "checkbox" and _
     oTag.id<>"chkAll" Then
   If oTag.checked = vbTrue Then
    oTag.checked = vbFalse         
    oTag.checked = vbTrue         
   End If     
  End If 
End Sub

Mixing TortoiseSVN and SlikSVN

Find I have to apply --username and --password more frequently -- otherwise the authenticated username last used rules.

Clearing Excel Errors: Clearing all the green triangles

1. Take off freeze panes & remove splits
2. Page down so upper left column-row contains an error
3. Drag with mouse across other errored columns
4. Right-click any "!" cell and choose "Ignore Error"

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