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Pasted Links and Data Connections
Frustrated to find my pasted links in Excel sheets error on refresh. Came to learn that when you setup the refresh properties you can 'reuse',i.e., overlay the rows and cells. This is probably what you want if you need a static link to paste across to another sheet.


Script to list text file based on start end line numbers.




If you download Audacity and lame -- you can then run this script.

It takes a text file and uses SAPI to first convert to WAV format -- then lame to convert the WAV to MP3 format.

SAPI, I think, is available on most  Windows based PCs.  On Windows XP it comes with 'microsoft sam' -- with later versions of Windows 'microsoft anna' is the default voice (much better).

Download AutoIt script and compiled binary:

This version uses 'b -320' lame encoding for better quality MP3.

The file downloads to TextToMP3SE.exe.  This is a self-extracting file. When run it creates a folder called 'MyItzyBits'  and extracts TextToMP3.au3 and TextToMP3.exe into this folder.  The .au3 file is the script shown in the image here -- the executable is the compiled binary. To use -- drag-drop text files atop the executable TextToMP3.exe.


CompareSuite is a _great_ tool.  However, output can be voluminous.  I made this applet to allow exam of _just differences_.

The way to use it is do the a keyword compare against two folders, & choose advanced report.  Once compare completes -- use the browse button to load the HTM output in the top frame.  The differences will automatically show up in the bottom frame.


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