Exploring Git

NeedED something to back up my 'applet' creation, SQL scripts, notes, etc.

Git looks like a pretty quick, predictable option. Neat features:

-single repository in your root
-branching easy
-can push~pull from other repositories
-content vs. file based ~ In my mind I think this may mean it is faster ~ smaller

Differences from SVN:

-Folders remain 'uncolorized' until you actual content(remember Git is
'content' based.

Quick startup:

-Install Git and TortoiseGit

-Make a repository with Git GUI or ToroiseGit

-Add ~ commit with TortoiseGit


Git provides 'Git Bash'(unix) and 'Git GUI' (simple point~click interface). However, my preference is TortoisGit. It hooks to Windows explorer and is pretty much _identical_ to TortoiseSVN.


Example of show-log ~ unified diff:

This video was really helpful in understanding how Git differs from other source control:


…and there is a preview of O'Reilly~Safari book:


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