Opera Next ~ *bug*, content blocking, password sync, speed dial widgets...

These features are pretty helpful. Plus, the ability to take a given 'next' profile and test your apps seems really wise.

-'Password' sync wasn't evident until I did 'Configure' off link icon in status bar
-Speed Dial widgets work as advertised(weather):

To change the location of the weather updates go to the weather forecast site http://www.yr.no and search for your preferred location. On the page of the weather location you would like to use you will see a link saying "Select this location for the Opera extension". Click this link to set your new location for the weather updates.

-'Content block' is sweet(pre-dates OperaNext)! Choose what you want to see --and this is also sync'd in Opera Link.

-I've been trying to configure operawatir to do testing -- but, haven't quite figured out the proxy~other configs necessary.

There appears to be a *serious* bug on speed dial. Mine keeps loading~appending same set snapshorts of ad nauseam.

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