Configure your browsers

If you use GMAIL, Yahoo, or other online mail accounts turn mail inbox checking off. Use the web interfaces to check your inbox. You don't need to clutter your PC with items that will only collect dust in a cloned copy of what's on your mail service servers. Plus, you don't run the risk of downloading spam~virus files.

DO configure these accounts and use the SMTP outbox options. This is a great convenience if you want to send mail from webpage mailto URLS. You may need to change the default signature (for instance in Opera) to something more generic:
"-Thank you/regards"(vs. "Sent with Opera's mail client!")

Use the server side storage for storing your bookmarks~favorites(and~notes in Opera)

Set to 'block unwanted popups' (in most cases). Some browsers(Opera~right-click an open page~edit site preferences) allow you to be site specific if you want to allow popups.

Use 'confirm exit' --if you have many tabs~windows open you don't clobber yourself. Also, if you use something like Opera Unite services you don't inadvertantly shut down running services.

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