Synkron excellent tool

If you're trying to syncronize multiple folders checkout synkron it will treat each of your folders as "master" or "slave" and can run from a thumbdrive.

Use it with some perspicacity. The 'master' -> 'slave' relationships work well. But, if you've not thought through implications -- you can create issues for yourself. I try to make my network drive the 'master', the local drive, a 'slave', and I may/or may not make a 'slave' backup to a thumbdrive.

Pay attention to extensions in/not in your blacklist. I _exclude_ most sensitive data while at clients, .xls, .accdb, etc. But, include libreOffice files (my own working documents). Note: add lower case _and_ upper case in your lists(see my samples).


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Michael T. Bee said...

Found that 'blacklist' for files doesn't always appear to take effect.

Switched to blacklisting _specific_ files-even though this is onerous -- odious to do.

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