New backup method for my PC use Git then XCOPY C: -> H:

I'm thinking this is common. You've a PC that has an H:\ drive regularly backed up -- but, the _desktop_ itself, your My Documents, etc. are not. PC dies or you have to reset up a new PC -- it can be hard.

This is what I've come up --use Git for desktop, documents, appdata -- then backup those folders with these command files(save without the '.txt' extenstion then schedule BackupLocalToH_All.cmd):


These run from DOS in the C:\User\%username% folder.

The XCOPY parms are set to copy file-attributes, secure, and sub folders/directories.

If you're knowledgeable enough -- you may be able to use Git to revert a particular app setting -- wost case -- you can always copy the H:_%username%_%target% folder back to your C:\Users\%source% from previous day...

...the above works well I think for "My Documents" and for "Desktop" -- you might find "AppData" prohibitive. If so, comment/remove that line from '...All.cmd' and replace with a manual 'subst W: H:\__MikeB_AppData' (at DOS), and a do a git initialize of w: as a 'bare' repository(one that can only receive a 'push'), then do a git push to w: drive.

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