Backup/BackupEncrypt using AutoIt & 7Zip

Sometimes, there are 'miscellaneous' files I'd like backed up that normally don't go into source control. To do that I drag/drop files on the Backup.exe/BackupEncrypt.exe (compiled AutoIt scripts) -- they use & 7Zip to create .zip files in a '_zArchive' folder where those files are found.
There is a 'one-for-one' relationship of drag-dropped files and resultant '.zips'.

Scripts are dependent on this script(place at C:\!WF\_INC\filename.au3):
Place in a folder above the one used as target for other scripts("..\inc\UtilityFunc.au3")

If you'd like to see the .au3 files(place at C:\!WF\myWidgets\filename.au3):

Note:  All link~downloads are self-extracting files.  I've tested with WinZip 12.1 and 7Zip 4.65


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