ChromeStart.wsf - or ...copy profile folders per release?

Interesting.  On auto installation of new version of Google Chrome( -- my short-cuts to profiles no longer worked.  When I copied the profiles from where they originally where created --to the new subfolder under Application\ -- then they worked again.  Probably been the case on new release -- but, I'd been re-creating profiles on each new version. Amended my 'ChromeStart.wsf' and 'ChromeStart.vbs' to accept a '/Profile:_name_' parameter. That way I'm not propagating profiles per release.

I went ahead and created a ChromeStart_add_ql.vbs to add this to my Quick Launch toolbar.

To use these -- go to the 'boxnet' link under my about and read/review/download 'ChromeStart...' related items.

Example short-cut setup using ChromeStart.Wsf:

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