Use an UNC list(vs.attachment) for internal emails

I just received a message from networking indicating my mailbox size was too large. This is largely due to mailing of large attachments. If much of your mailing is on an internal intranet anyway -- rather than clog up mailservers-- I recommend using these scripts to create 'UNC' lists for your emails.

Script Link:  !makeUNCList.au3

Script Link:  !

If you drag~drop a list of files from a shared ~ network drive unto the compiled version of this script--they resolve to an 'UNC' list which you can paste into your emails. They then open like a hyper-link.

You'll need AutoIt to compile the .au3 script.

You'll need PrimalScript to compile the .vbs script.

Script Link:  !makeUNClist_add_ql.vbs

This script creates a Quick Launch item for a compiled version of !makeUNCList.au3 or !makeUNCList.vbs

In EXAMPLE1 -- I drag the ".vbs" file atop !makeunclist.exe -- resulting in my clipboard being set to the fully qualified file name. It also works with multiple files and on files open from a mapped network drive dragged to the quick launch shortcut in EXAMPLE2. EXAMPLE3 is how I use the UNC list in an email.


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