Michael T. Bee
Candidate Summary

He has 18+ years of full life cycle systems applications development, including analysis,
design, requirements gathering, development, software quality, and maintenance in a
variety of industries, including manufacturing, logistics, finance, banking, and education.
He has a deep level of expertise with Oracle and Visual Basic in n-tier environments. As
a get-it-done team member, he works well with others and easily collaborates with other
parts of the organization to successfully bring applications to production. He employs a
sense of responsibility and ownership on the projects with which he is engaged.

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2,
Programming Languages: Visual Basic, PL/SQL, ASP, VB.Net, SAS
Tools: TOAD, Mercury QuickTestPro, Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Studio.Net, MS-SQL Server,
Excel/VBA, Enterprise Manager

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix
Applications: Crystal Reports, WebFocus, Cognos Powerhouse

Work History
Sempris ~ January-2012 to present

Report / SQL Programming

• Oracle
• Data Extracts

Financial Reporting
• Oracle
• MS-Access/VBA

Frandsen Corporation ~ July-2011 to December-2011

Report / SQL Programming

• Medical Billing
• Cognos Connection
• MS-Access/VBA

While at Frandsen:
• Redesigned medical billing from manual ~ spreadsheet processes to MS-Access – used
VBA to load ~ export ~ process data. Further refined into MS-SQL database. Had begun
converting the Ms-Access interface to LightSwitch.
• Did investigative queries - traces against the HR system to locate additional report items
not directly available from package HR system.
• Learned basics of Cognos connection: Event, Query, and Report Studios

Minnesota Department of Education Jan-2006 to Jul-2011

Reporting / SQL Programming

• MARSSWes / TestWES
• DIRS System (a disciplinary system for juveniles)
• Clics/FNS (Food Nutrition System)
• DDP (District Data Profile)
• Teacher Testing

Technologies involved~System Support

• Crystal Enterprise 11 (5yr)
• Oracle client
• WebFocus(2 yr)
• Excel/VBA (2 yr)

While at MN Dept of ED:

Participated in database and report design discussions, was
a primary SQL Report developer in systems noted.

Extensive work with MS-SQL Server 2005, Query Analyzer

Used VBA~Excel to automate ~ prove out Financial Data Mart reports

Used DTS to load Excel data into the Teacher Testing system

Independent Consultant ~ Nov-2005 to Jan-2006

MN Department of Education (client)

• FDM ~ Financial Profiles & Consolidate Financial Statements
• Create FNS Oracle Package to wrap/re-use existing procedures for Crystal Reporting
• Develop DIRS System (a disciplinary system for juveniles)
• Analyze and resolve Crystal Report Variances in the DIRS III System
• Create new Crystal Reports for DIRS~MARSS interactions

Pioneer Press (client)

• Designed/developed Oracle package to implement Crystal Report logging.
Logging implemented via a stored procedure called from a Crystal subreport.
• Developed/enhanced Crystal Reports for MActive system
• Invoice Print reports
• Sales Executive Reports
• Sales Team reports

Thomson West (client)

• Developed and enhanced the Thomson-West/Royalties system
• Developed VB6 archive of DB2 data

GMACEnterpriseRisk Services (GMACERS) ~ Apr-2001 – Nov-2005

Senior Analyst
2004-2005: Senior Analyst
• Developed requirements against the user interface (UI)
• Developed QA and user acceptance program for the CARRS System using Mercury
• Developed regression/load tests for the CARRS System using AWSTATS
• Developed SQL Server load/refresh of testing environments
• Developed .NET Operations Loss system to capture enterprisewide losses and for GMAC.
• Served as deployment manager, shut down/restarted IIS servers, copied in new database
instances via SQL Enterprise Manager, and deployed .NET apps and configured
WEBCONFIG files for our several instances of CARRS system.
• Developed proto-type/tracer bullet system to capture and report Operations Losses – this
was a three month effort using Visual Studio 7 .net. [2003]
• Assisted in development proto-type system to capture and report Credit Losses –
this was a 1-1/2 year effort in ASP and MS-Access
• Developed a SAS/Oracle/Desktop interface for the Visual Studio 6

2001-2004: Senior Analyst
• Developed Oracle/F&T Custom Queries to validate risk statistics Seller Risk Rating Oracle
• Provided ongoing support for Oracle export/import test environments
• Developed MS-Access/VBA procedures to do auto-relink of oracle tables
• Developed ASP/ADO based watch list system
• Developed VB6 desktop components for Market Value-at-Risk system

While working for GMACERS - I was recognized by the business and my colleagues with the RFC Celebrate Leadership award.

GMAC-RFC - Corporate IT ~ Feb-1997 – Mar-2001

Senior Analyst
1999-2001: Staff Programmer Analyst for Corporate IT
• Developed data tier Functions for cross-instance access to Oracle Data
• Developed Base report SQL
• Developed/Enhanced Crystal Reports to accommodate Crystal upgrades to
• Developed/Enhanced Off Balance Sheet Funding VB6/doc screens
• Developed mailing application for mortgage documents to manage the $4b pipeline at
month/quarter end securitization
• Developed REPO loan processing to allow alternate loan funding saving the company
• Analyzed, developed and shepherded this n-tier VB application (OBSF) to production
• Maintained this n-tier VB application (OBSF) for 2-1/2 years
• Coordinated with database and middleware teams for promotions
• Completed required documentation and conformed to corporate standards for technology
and practice

At the time, this OBSF system was fed from main mortgage pipeline, placing, as much as possible, new loans off company balance sheet and with other big capital concerns. At time of securitization – the system then allowed the transfer back to RFC to banks to complete the securitization deals.

1997-1999: Staff Programmer Analyst for Warehouse Lending Systems
• Rewrote HPRapid/3000 billing print component Warehouse Lending system
• General maintenance/support HPRapid/3000 Warehouse lending system

While working for Corporate IT - I was recognized for significant contributions to the business with their Above and Beyond Award

Grand Met ~ Sep-1995 – Jan-1997

• Maintained HP3000 Cobol, Cognos for Canadian QMS system for GRAND-MET/PLC

3M ~ Sep-1987 – Aug-1995

• Maintained COGNOS 3m/Industrial Minerals Shipping system
• Developed VB/Access 3m/OH&SD Mask Fit Test lab system
• Developed COBOL 3m/Logistics / warehouse picking system
• Developed SCO-Unix / system maint shell scripts
• Developed COBOL Grand Met PLC/RFGI Warehouse picking

Share Health Plans ~ Feb-1981 – Aug-1987

• Developed HP/COBOL/IMAGE/View Enrollment Processing systems reports/updates
• Developed HP/COBOL/IMAGE Claims Processing systems reports/updates
• Developed HP/COGNOS/IMAGE/View IBNR systems reports/updates
• Developed HP/Pascal Archive for Claims Processing system
• Maintained/updated HP/OS

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